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    About us

    The company was established on September 12, 2018. It is located on the 2nd floor of the control building of the Petrochemical Recycling Economic Research Center of Changling Branch Park, Hunan Green Chemical Industry Park, Yueyang City. The registered capital is 5 million yuan. The shareholders are mainly from Hunan Changling Petrochemical Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.. It consists of Kaimiya. Relying on the resource advantages of changling branch park and the import and export advantages of yueyang port, combined with the research and development strength of the company, the company specializes in the development of new fine chemicals and the integration of domestic and international trade resources.

    Based on its own new product research and development capabilities, Kekairui is committed to a market-oriented development and innovation system.Mainly combined with its own "trade, industry, technology" development ideas, the company intends to create an innovative enterprise integrating scientific research, market development and trade, which solute the disconnection problem between scientific research ,market and engineering.




    Contact: Gordon

    Phone: 13908400574

    Tel: 0730-3061912

    Email: guoly@hnkkr.com

    Add: Yueyang Green Chemical Industry Park Changling branch,Hunan

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